WordPress SEO Tips – How to Optimize Your Posts


I am often asked by clients how they should best optimize their posts so they rank well in the organic search results. Search engine optimization is a big topic and can become a little overwhelming for many people. Over the years through trial and error, and learning from others in the business, I was able to establish a set of common guidelines that should be considered when creating your WordPress posts.

Using these basic concepts, I have been able to get posts ranked within the top 3 search results for specific keyphrases. Although I believe you should focus your efforts on creating fresh and engaging content, rather than how to make your posts hit #1 for a given keyphrase, it can’t hurt to at least be aware of these rules.

I found myself answering the same questions with the same answers over and over, so I ended up writing a post about it which was published on the DIYthemes blog. So when asked, I mostly refer people to that post. It’s an important read and covers the basic, beginner concepts that you should be aware of. In addition to this post, there are others on the site that are also very useful.

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