A lot of work goes into designing and building a website. We don't just customize existing templates. We design and build your custom site from scratch, and a tremendous amount of time is invested. We strive to deliver a top quality website, done right the first time.

Here's an idea on the process:

DISCOVER: Strategy and Planning
We get to know you, your project scope, business goals and map out a clear plan for technical and functional needs, as well as the look and feel and user experience. Just like planning a movie, what story are you trying to tell?

DESIGN: Visuals and Content

We create a look for your site, to meet the demands of different types of page content. We’ll define where stock or custom photography or illustration may be needed. It’s like designing a set for each scene of your movie.

When needed, we also write text for each page, either rewriting from existing materials or writing content from scratch. Either way, content needs to be written with your client in mind. The reader is your main character so we write content with them in mind.

DEVELOPMENT: Hand-Building Each Page
This is where we actually build the site to your specifications. We write custom code, work with existing plugins, or use a combination of both, to build your site by hand. It’s the equivalent of getting out the hammer and nails to construct each scene’s set that was designed earlier in the process.

QUALITY CONTROL: Testing and Review
Now that the site is built on a development platform (meaning the public can’t see it), we perform a quality control check and test the site to ensure it is bug free. This is the dress rehearsal.

DEPLOY: Launch Your Website
We migrate your site’s files from the development platform to your live server for everyone to see! It’s exciting and launch day is the red carpet opening night for your website! Upon launch, we provide a training video for each client so you can maintain your site’s basic content.

Zel Creative is known for, and stands by, the value we offer our clients. Your project is done right the first time, on time and on budget.

We’re happy to provide referrals.

So what does a website cost?
A custom designed and built website will start at $5,000 and go up from there depending on functionality requirements.